WHITE WINGS – Leather belt


The WHITE WINGS belt is handmade from real leather and is also adorned with a unique polished gold buckle at the centre and a smaller hardwear piece that looks like wings with a special onyx stone at the edge of the belt.

– 100% genuine leather
– White
– Metal buckle made from zamak
– Belt’s width 3 cm (1.18”)
– Handmade in Greece

– Size S = 85 cm (33.4”)
– Size S/M = 90 cm (35.4”)
– Size M = 95 cm (37.4”)
The dimensions refer to the entire length of the belt (excluding the buckle), not of one’s waist.

Christina Christi is a small family run business specialising in leather goods and accessories. Christina herself designs and handcrafts the products in her lab next door to her home in Athens, Greece. All belts are made from 100% genuine leather whilst the metal buckles are made from zamak. Handmade and unique are the two words that describe Christina Christi’s creations.

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